Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid/White Light Crystal Pyramid/Orgonite Pyramid

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We are extremely pleased to present quality Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid/White Light Crystal Pyramid/Orgonite Pyramid.

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Product Features

Trigger your Third Eye and also Crown Chakra and deepen your reflection practice with this Violet Flame Orgone pyramid! The effective crystal mix within this orgonite pyramid cleanses stationary power and promotes the flow of power via your vibrational area.

Pieces of sugilite and also rainbow moonstone surround an Amethyst factor at the suggestion. I included an abalone covering to link to the user-friendly power of water as well as prehnite to protect your mood as well as enhance dream recall. Alternating layers of copper, silver and also white gold, and also iron hold kyanite, peacock ore, labradorite and blue lace agate. These crystals aid us to get in touch with our Spirit Guides and Greater Self, boosting psychic interaction and also understanding of refined powers. The base is filled white gold. Attuned during development to align the Chakras and also create area for discovering unexposed psychic capacities.

Hold in the hand of your hand or usage as a centerpiece during reflection. Maintain by or under your bed to boost dream recall and for powerful cleansing while you rest. Or, location this Violet Flame Orgone pyramid in a thoughtful location of your home as a gentle suggestion throughout the day to listen to all you can not see yet know is right here.

actions: 2.25" square at the base by 2" high

please note Every Violet Fire Orgone production is hand made as well as therefore distinctive. The photos above precisely represent the dimension, looks as well as power of the pyramid; nonetheless, you will certainly obtain an one-of-a-kind production meant for you.

All Violet Flame Orgone generators are hand made and polished to a smooth coating in my little Sanctuary in the healing Ojai Valley.Created to alchemize

imbalanced powers arising from ecological and psychological toxins, and meant for the Highest Good of all that collaborate with this healing art type. Based on the study of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the work of Don and Carol Croft, every Violet Flame Orgone development is made with polyester material, steels of differing kind and density, and quartz crystals. The layering of these aspects produces a matrix, which efficiently cleanses our energetic environment, and is the scientific research and triggering pressure in this healing art type. I use polyester material since component of its molecular structure consists of a chain of carbon atoms-making it a natural substance, which attracts energy. Polyester material has a high rate of shrinkability when treating, which produces added pressure on the surface area of the quartz. This pressure multiplies the currently present electric charge externally of the quartz, intensifying the alternative healing properties of this plentiful mineral.As my work proceeds, my heart, mind, and Spirit open much more and

much more to the powers of crystals. Their powerful healing messages aligned for aware accessibility to the heart. I Reiki Charge and attune each orgonite generator at the completion of putting and once again prior to delivery.

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